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Lisa Huber is a St George artist working mostly in watercolor and oils. Her watercolors often include an oil under-painting for added texture.

I have dabbled in art all of my life. As children it was what we did to keep busy. It was what we made for others when birthdays and Christmas came around. However, it was not for making a living--that's what my Dad used to day. Today I am a full-time software engineer, but I love expressing myself with my art, and have set aside one hour a day for this purpose. I was often asked why I didn't quit working and spend all of my time painting. Dad was right; it simply doesn't pay the bills. I have now retired, and still spend at least one hour a day in my studio.

I grew up in the post Korean war era with farm land nearby but many of the farm implements and farm animals were neglected and left with nothing to do and nowhere to go. “Progress” and all of the soldiers returning and needing homes were clearing the farmland and moving the city closer. These are sad memories, but still fond ones. I express these memories in many of my pieces, both with watercolor and oils.

I have shown my art at festivals in Utah and Arizona. I sell my originals and prints to folks from all over the world, including India and China. My pieces have hung in the Clayton Williams Gallery in Salt Lake as well as others along the Wasatch Front.

I hope that my artistic expression sparks fond memories for others who experience my art.

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