Claudia Hecht – Artist Reception

Claudia Hecht - Artist Reception

Claudia Hecht – Artist Reception

Please join us at the opening night reception to celebrate the works of internationally prominent Mexican Artist, Claudia Hecht.

Bring your friends. Come meet the Artist. And enjoy an evening of art and refreshments at the Sears Museum.

Friday, August 16, 2019 at 7 AM – 8:30 PM MDT

Sears Art Museum
155 South 700 East, St. George, Utah 84770

‘The Ocean Watchman’ 2006 Glass mosaic tiles
This beautiful mosaic is constructed with glass and gold leaf tiles from Ravenna, a small town in Northern Italy famous for its dazzling mosaics. The Ocean Watchman is a deity that lives in the oceans. With his royal headdress (penacho), strong arms, and shimmering fish tail, he helps lead all in his world.
‘Between Dimensions’ 2015 23K gold leaf, oil on mahogany panel
This oil painting with gold leaf is breathtaking against the richness of a dark mahogany panel. The bulls travel in life as we do, from one dimension to another or from one phase in our life to another.
‘Yiya’s Flowers 2’ 1999 Oil on metal leaf, canvas covered & wood panel
An inspired floral arrangement that echoes the plumes of the Mayas and Aztecs of Mexico and reflects the richness and color of Mexican culture.
‘The Poet’ 2015 23K gold leaf, oil on mahogany panel
With its vibrant colors and myriad of abstract shapes, this piece represents “the poet, whose feelings explode from his soul and his heart.”
'Divine Path’ 2002 Oil, metal leaf, canvas & wood panel
A beautiful combination of oil, metal and wood that spreads a message of progression. “Each one has their own path, their own destiny. In opening and surrendering our ego consciousness to the light, we begin to realize our destiny that was written in the beginning. We complete the merger of our individual self with our creator.”
‘Ancestral Philosophy’ 2003 Wood sculpture, 23K gold leaf, oil, canvas & wood panel
This striking art piece masterfully combines wood sculpture and oil paints. It received a “MERIT OF HONOR” by Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Inc. New York, N.Y. USA.

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